Why I shall vote in GE13

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I shall vote to give Malaysia a better chance of stemming the bleeding of our public finances and downward spiral in our standard of living.

I shall vote to protect our land and people from policies, practices and businesses that threaten our ecological safety and integrity.

I shall vote to open the door for reforms in our institutions of governance particularly the judiciary, MACC, police and the central bank.

I shall vote to introduce mechanisms to ensure proper behavior and professionalism in civil servants and institutions of public order. These will include the long-awaited IPCMC that should be under the direct oversight of the Parliament, not a cabinet minister.

I shall vote to empower leaders who champion issue- and rules-based governance as well as needs-driven resource allocation in place of race-driven expediency.

I shall vote to signal my thirst for justice long denied to our Beng Hocks, Kugans, Ahmad Sarbainis, Orang Asal, the marginalised Indian community, exploited guest workers as well as my disgust at the culture of impunity underlying today's political gangsterism, abuse of authority and sheer disregard for citizens' rights.

I shall vote for governments at state and federal levels that are truly interested to upgrade the delivery of public services without fear, favor nor hidden agenda for filthy lucre.

I shall vote to punish and eradicate politics of race-baiting, muck-raking, salacious libel, hate incitement and religious chauvinism.

I shall vote to give Malaysia a viable second force (which I define to be an alternative administration that has served at least a term in government), whose first 300 days in government will then become the baseline for the growth of a credible third force as deterrent against misbehavior by incumbent or opposition.

I shall vote for change.

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