Kudos to PAS for naming non-Muslim candidate

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PAS, like the other components within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, has opened its doors to other Malaysians and has now even appointed a non-Malay to stand as its candidate for the coming elections.

It is a very gallant and bold action which is unprecedented even though we have attained independence more than 50 years ago.

What has up to now been preached to us and which is still continued by the present rulers is our communal thinking.

Probably, it is a good political move to keep the people divided in their thinking.

However, we cannot avoid the fact that Malaysians, especially our younger generation, are changing their attitude and mentality towards a more nationalistic approach.

We are one nation and have a rich mixture of intellectual capabilities that can be used to build a more vibrant and progressive nation.

More than 50 years of communal thinking are not expected to change overnight but this is a start in the right direction.

More than 50 years of communal drilling are still very evident in our neighbourhoods and workplaces, but slowly but surely there are signs towards change.

We want an injection of new blood and new ideas to meet the growing and demanding challenges of the future.

We cannot continue to accept old-fashioned ideas for seemingly political gains but which are not in the true and sincere interest of the nation.

We cannot continue to accept corruption at current levels which is very detrimental to national security and our well being.

We cannot continue to accept cronyism at current levels where the wealth of the nation lies with a few well-connected individuals and power brokers.

BR1M and the like are welcomed. The prime minister does have the freedom to distribute according to his whims and fancies.

However he is accountable for every sen he or his party spends in the name of national development and assistance.

Otherwise it gives room for more corruption.

So my fellow Malaysians, GE13 is crucial in seeing if Malaysians still believe in communal politics or are willing to change their thinking.

Let us showcase a nation of unity, and solidarity with mutual respect for the diversity unique to our nation.

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