Chinese did vote for Umno candidates, too

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I have an urgent message from the voters in this country for politicians.

In particular, politicians from Umno and other National Front parties.

Stop "bashing" ethnic Chinese voters. Enough is enough. These voters are human beings, like you and me.

They have emotions and memory. They can remember the nasty things unsporting losers say about them. You may regret it later.

Did the Chinese voters go totally racist and did they vote only for racial considerations?

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said after the results were announced that there was a Chinese tsunami hitting the country.

A tsunami is by definition a huge destructive wave like one generated by an earthquake.

It surges forward and flattens everything within sight.

To put it bluntly, there was no Chinese tsunami on May 5, 2013.

Yes, Chinese voters flocked in big numbers to polling stations throughout the country to cast their votes.

In urban constituencies, they cast their votes for the DAP.

They clearly rejected non-Malay BN parties like MCA, Gerakan, PPP and SUPP.

However, they did not reject the biggest BN party, namely Umno.

In the constituencies contested by Umno and PAS candidates, Chinese voters were seen to be friendly to Umno canvassers.

Umno and PAS contested against each other in 61 parliamentary seats.

Umno won 41 seats while PAS was only able to win 20 seats.

Of these 20 seats, eight came from Kelantan.

I have to do an analysis of votes cast at the level of polling stations in order to prove that the Chinese voters did help Umno to win but at this moment, I believe that a majority ranging from 50-70 percent of ethnic Chinese in these constituencies gave their support to Umno.

It is clear that the Chinese voters in GE13 strongly voted on one hand for DAP and to a lesser extent, Keadilan in the urban areas and on the other hand, voted for Umno in the rural areas.

If Chinese "bashing" continues, those rural Chinese who voted for Umno will be very angry.

Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hassan made a good statement in the Malay Mail on May 15 to assuage the Chinese voters.

He disagreed with former Malacca chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam that the Chinese voters were "ungrateful" and "racist".

He told Ali that he lost Bukit Katil (99,581 voters, Malays: 52.8 percent Chinese: 40.8 percent, Indians: 5.7 percent) but Umno did not lose all its parliamentary seats.

"So, he should not generalise and label the Chinese ungrateful and racist. (Malay Mail May 15, 2013)

Mohamad further said that the support of Chinese voters had helped him defend his Rantau seat (18,232 voters, Malays: 51.8 percent, Chinese: 20.3 percent, Indians 27.5 percent) and assisted the BN to retain control of the state.

To sum up, let us listen to the exhortation of the voters once more.

Now that GE13 is over, it is time to get back to work.

Those who have been empowered must begin their work.

The governance of Malaysia cannot be left unattended.


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