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Karpal's pitch to abolish senate ill-considered

I refer to Karpal Singh’s remarkable suggestion that the Dewan Negara be abolished . While I cannot be certain what has raised Karpal’s ire, his remarks are both uninformed and ill-considered.  

The Dewan Negara plays a critical role in Malaysia’s democracy. It reviews laws passed by the raucous lower house. It allows minorities, like the Orang Asli, or for that matter, Sikhs, to have a voice in the legislative.

It also ensures representation for states. Senators comprise individuals of worth and if Karpal finds some of them unsuitable, his personal views cannot be confused for widely-held public opinion.  

There are countless books that may educate Karpal on the functions of the Dewan Negara but I will leave him to assemble his own reading list. Perhaps an informed Karpal will be less likely to suggest such drastic, nay, anarchical, abolishments.

And while one hesitates to point out the obvious, nevertheless I must advocate that Karpal examine and resolve the many problems within his own party, before engaging in quixotic forays into areas in which he clearly lacks understanding.

His party remains dominated by one race no matter how they wave their hands crying that they are multi-racial. If the DAP received Malay votes, it is only because they are underwritten by PAS.

Inherently, the DAP attracts only one demographic. Their election director offered schoolboy excuses, blaming inanimate software for what may very well be, simply, fraud. Seven hundred Indian DAP branches were deprived of the right to vote in their last elections.

And as for Karpal, he is the beneficiary of tokenism, while his sons bear the taint of nepotism, a common feature in Pakatan parties.

No doubt it is the likes of Karpal Singh who would be shocked and appalled if the House of Lords were ever abolished.

JASPAL SINGH is senator and MIC treasurer-general.