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I refer to an article written by Francis Paul Siah, which appeared on Malaysiakini today.


I would like to correct Siah’s statement where he has stated that I had said that Paul Low violated Transparency International’s code of ethics by accepting his appointment as minister.


Siah should have read my complete statement which states that Low should have briefed and discussed with the Transparency International executive council , no matter how confidential the matter, first before accepting the ministerial appointment, Low must be seen practicing this code of ethics :- two (2) main ingredients - transparency with integrity (mandatory).


I am given to understand that the committee was never informed in this respect. Another point to note is that transparency and integrity have to be practiced. Low should have resigned first and be sworn is as a senator, and only then accept the post of minister. I hold the view that this is mandatory. This is not a bombshell but simple reminder to the authorities and Transparency International exco members that these procedures be strictly and truly adhered to.

Imagine till now Low has not resigned yet.


Henceforth , the TI Malaysia not only will continue to monitor the government and authorities concerned but also monitor Low’s performance. If this is put in place, I also appeal to the rakyat to give Low six (6) months before we judge him. Let us pray for him, too.


In conclusion I will urge Low and the authorities not to make unnecessary and silly mistakes which may, directly and indirectly, become a problem for Najib Abdul Razak to solve.

Give Paul Low six months before we judge him

ROBERT PHANG is a founder and chairperson of the Social Care Foundation.


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