Reconsider your position in coalition, BN reps urged

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Dear Yang Berhomat Ahli-ahli Parliamen Barisan National,

It is with much regret to go against my principle urge your reconsideration in remaining with your coalition party, Barisan National.

There must be a very good reason, at times, to go against one’s principles for the sake of the people and nation.

Before going into the reasoning in suggesting that you reconsider your position to remain with Barisan National let me asked a few questions in reminding you what and who you are.

1) What is your purpose to be an elected Member of Parliament?

2) Is high position (being a minister) and power solely or one of your motive to be an elected Member of Parliament?

3) Has the deterioration of racial harmony and religious intolerance caught your attention?

4) What is your priority being an elected Member of Parliament, party first or people/nation first?

5) Can you see what is happening right now with BN, especially Umno?

By answering the above questions truthfully you will know what position you are in right now.

You can see clearly the different rhetoric perpetuated pre-505 and post-505. Pre-505 rhetoric was favouring the rakyat with tonnes of money flowing freely and unrealistic promises to garner votes. Post-505, after failing to attract the voters to its side, the tone set is completely the opposite, using the race card to the hilt.

Yes, BN won 133 seats to enable it to form the federal government and with Najib Abdul Razak swearing in with haste as the prime minister. Pakatan Rakyat is challenging the result, claiming that they are being cheated off the win. They have every right to do so with their evidence to prove it.

If you are a Malaysian living long enough in this nation you will be able to conclude what will be the outcome, but, today we are not talking about Pakatan Rakyat. Let them do what is right according to the ‘law’, hoping that judgment will be free, fair and conducted without fear or favour.

The clarion call of GE13 is to change the federal government to kick-start a two-party system that will enable any new federal government to rule together with the rakyat and not act arrogantly, corrupt and being racist. The popular vote has shown this is what the rakyat wanted, but due to many obstacles being put in place in the election system, the results gave the incumbent the 133 seats to stay in power.

Pre-505, Umno-BN leaders including the caretaker PM, Najib, had claimed that voters need not have to change the federal government because Umno-BN can change themselves if voted in. Many have seen through this lie and the popular votes proved it. Umno-BN did win the GE13 but what are we seeing now post-polls? They have indeed changed, not for the better but for the worse.

The PM for all Malaysians and with his trademark of 1Malaysia started the ball rolling with his racist 'Chinese tsunami' slant, and the rest followed suit with Utusan 's ' Apa lagi Cina Mahu? ', former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdulla’s incendiary speech pitting the Malays against the Chinese, UiTM pro-chancellor Dr Abdul Rahman Arshad urging the abolition of Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools; and the urging by some Malay groups to boycott Chinese businesses as a form of vendetta for the GE13 results.

And not to forget the newly-appointed home minister urging you to leave the country if you are not happy.

Racism is the worst disease

Racism is the worst disease in any developing nation and total destruction is the answer to it if it is not arrested immediately. As an elected MP, are you happy with what the PM and his followers are doing with these racist remarks pouring out daily? Is this racism part of PM Najib's call for national reconciliation? Give it a thought, if you keep quiet about it then you are no different from these racists.

Next is the formation of the cabinet ministers. Are they truly a formidable team to carry out their respective duty to bring forth a real transformation and changes that the nation is hungry for? Were the four most important ministry posts, finance, education, home and defence given based on their capabilities, experiences and knowledge or on personal/party reasons?

Most of you are fighting to be included in the cabinet but did you all ask yourself, are you qualified to hold that ministerial post if given it? What I can see is a 'kitchen cabinet' full of carcasses.

I need not have to go into the extensive corruptions and the actions ofthe Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) against those who are rallying against the undemocratic, dirtiest GE13 and framing almost anything they do under the Sedition Act, while the most seditious statements that came from the ruling government went unnoticed.

The above two points, racism and the cabinet are good enough to prove it does not bode well for the nation with this type of people running the nation. The rakyat do not care any more about skin color, you can have a 100 percent Malay ministers or 100 percent Malay MPs as long as you can perform your duty as an elected representatives without thinking or acting like a racist and being fair to all Malaysians.

This is not an action call like Sept 16 post-308 but a message to whomever of you, right thinking MPs, in truly wanting a real change in the democratic functioning system which has been destroyed over the 56 long years under Umno-BN rule.

Get your party to withdraw from the BN coalition and stay independent if you are not comfortable to join Pakatan Rakyat. Or if withdrawing the party is not possible, then go independent as an individual. If only 25 of you can turned independent this will force a no-confidence vote against Najib as PM and a vote for a new PM can be called.

If your conscience is clear and you have seen the bad side of Umno, you should vote for a Pakatan Rakyat MP to be the new PM.

If you do not take any action now and allow these group of leaders, mostly from Umno, to continue running the nation there can be no hope of a two-party system, good governance and a bright future for this nation. Please bear in mind that there will be no rewards such as promises of position nor monetary reward should you decide to go independent. It is all on your conscience and integrity to see that our beloved nation does not go down the drain.

Let the formation of a true two-party system take effect now. Think and think hard, come the first Parliament sitting declare yourself independent and let the process of changing the government begin.

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