Discord among PKR bigwigs sign of health

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Unlike to most, to me this discord among the PKR bigwigs is a whiff of fresh air.

Why not? Brave words, even bordering on harsh, have been spoken against the Selangor leadership under Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim by no less than the party deputy president and the Wanita numero uno.

And before any aspersions are cast on the two, let us not kid ourselves and remember that they are, after all, thoroughbred politicians! Any political party, PKR included, do need the Azmin Alis, Zuraida Kamarudins and (for good measure) Adam Adlis!

Make no mistake. The placement of Pakatan-friendly candidates to keep an eye on the state's GLC's may not only be dangerous, but fatal, as it opens the trap door to the very thing that Pakatan is fighting against, and what had been practised since 1982! (We had called it cronyism, remember?).

The GLCs, on the other hand, must be in the hands of the professionals.

Pakatan must be confident enough to know that there are hundreds of qualified personnel out there who would do a great job, whilst fully understanding the Pakatan cause.

How else can we understand meritocracy? Do we fear saboteurs? Surely there can be built in checks and balances to detect the first smell of sabotage!

What made me sit up with pride at being a PKR supporter is the maturity of Khalid's reply. I deliberately use the word "maturity", as Khalid has openly admitted at being more of an administrator than a politician.

There is one party that I know of, where the leadership almost never admits their shortcomings, where everyone and everything else is wrong, and that "the government knows best". A perverted brand of "maturity", surely!

Khalid had admitted that amassing state reserves to the tune of RM2.6 billion, instead of distributing more to the rakyat, might not have been a brilliant move after all, and labelled himself "stingy".

He vowed to make amends. We must give him the benefit of the doubt.

There may not be many better use for the money than to empower the rural and semi-urban voters with facts, and in certain cases, alternative views.

And the best way to achieve that is by providing free broadband access throughout the entire state.

The result of the GE13 just passed clearly drew the distinction between the "well informed" and the " not so well informed ".

Never the "Chinese tsunami" as some would want us to believe!

Push through the Freedom of Information Act (now that Pakatan control the two-thirds majority).

In other words, come GE14, let everyone come to cast their votes with informed decisions.

Accurate information will certainly bring the curtain down on BN, insyaAllah , because it is something they are quite incapable of providing.

For whatever it is worth, I support Pakatan for what it stands for. The moment they start dancing to the same tune as the current dancers are doing since 56 years ago, I will definitely change my allegiance.


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