Rule by fear no longer works

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The newly appointed home minister gives an impression of a person who is arrogant, boastful, authoritative and lacks a comprehensive understanding of the principles of democracy which entitles and gives the every eligible citizen the right to vote for whoever he or she favours.

A number of people who felt this country is not performing to their expectations, have left. Consequently, no one needs to be told to stay or leave as they are capable of deciding for themselves.

Safeguarding the interests and wellbeing of the country and its people is an unalienable task of the holder of this position.

However, it does not give him free access to say and do whatever he so wishes.

He is bound by the constitutional provisions of good and fair governance and its abuse as well as irresponsible leadership do come under its purview.

Today, the country has an influx of foreigners who have very boldly and blatantly setup their own communities and retail outlets within our neighbourhoods.

They have even have audacity to challenge us to what is rightfully our areas of abode by leaps and bounds and there may a time when we become 'aliens' in our own land.

I believe it is the duty of this ministry to investigate the legitimacy and legality of these establishments instead of harassing and intimidating our own people.

The stark reality is, a number of these foreigners are seen to be just loitering and wasting their time here rather than being gainfully employed or devoting their time in the colleges.

Is there a yardstick to check on who is genuine and who is not?

Drug addiction and drug movement are rampant in this country which is seen seen to be a good transit point for carriers.

Is there a serious effort to clamp down on these destructive activities?

All Malaysians I am sure do not intend to do harm to their own beloved country but are deeply concerned over certain alleged irregularities and misconduct carried out by those who are supposed to be the protectors of the law.

One such alleged incident was the seemingly dubious votes scheme employing foreigners to ensure victory for certain constituencies in the recent general election.

The truth is not expected to be known but if such an occurrence were true then who has committed treason against the king and country?

Our young people today want answers not suppression or detention. Authoritative rule by fear which worked so well before is no longer applicable.

If the government cannot see the reality of today, then it is still living the past and dreaming for a miracle.

On the subject of leadership, Mahatma Gandhi had once said: "I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with the people."

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