Restore local council polls, return the third vote

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Malaysia used to practice local council government elections, but local government elections were suspended after the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation in 1964.

The suspension was never lifted and under the Local Government Act 1976, local government members are appointed by the state government (the Federal Territories local government members are appointed by the federal government).


Therefore, the signatories of this statement:

1. Express the need for local government elections. Local government is the level of government that affects a person’s daily life the most. Local government has the power to collect taxes, create laws and rules, and to grant licenses and permits for any trade in its area of jurisdiction.

In addition, it provides basic amenities, collects and manages waste and garbage, as well as plan and develop the area under its jurisdiction. So the local people shall have the rights for electing local people to make decisions on the local issues. Its aim is to ensure the sustainable well-being of those local communities;

2. Express that local government elections play an important role in a democratic system and that they are an excellent opportunity for people to contribute to, and get involved in their local communities;

3. Regret that the authorities are giving excuses that "holding elections are expensive affairs". If councillors are not elected, they are not directly accountable to the people for the money spent;

4. Notice recently that Perak PKR has made a commendable step to hold once again headman's election in five new villages in Gopeng; and

5. Call on the federal government to restore nationwide local government elections with legislative amendments.


Endorsed by:

Youth Section of The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH Youth)

Youth Section of The Malacca Chinese Assembly Hall

Youth Section of Serdang Bharu School Alumni

Youth Section of Selangor and KL Hokkien Association

Youth Section of Selangor and KL Teo Chew Association

Youth Section of KL and Selangor HOPO Association

Community Care Association


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