Allow the police to instill fear into criminals

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A lot has been said about the need to implement the IPCMC but no one has taken the trouble to see the other side of the coin.

I was just passing by the housing estate of Taman Sentosa in Klang, which is famous for all the wrong reasons and I was not surprised at what I saw.

It has been almost a month after the elections, and most of the areas around the housing estate have already been cleaned up by the Klang Municipality but despite this good effort by the local council, it was not surprising to see road signs in the vicinity of Taman Sentosa defaced with numbers of criminal gangs who control and roam the area.

Even the signpost in front of a surau is not left alone, the number ‘08' has been written on all these signboards as boundary markers of these gangs.

This is the progress that we see after decades of policies trying to see what can be done to rid the lower strata of the lndian community from continuously supplying manpower for these gangs which terrorise residents around the whole of Klang and its surrounding areas.

If the police catch one of these gang members, it should be payback time from the police to these hoodlums who think that they run the districts that they demarcate and terrorise.

But is the police supported on this task?

No one seems to talk about the number of victims of snatch thieves, armed robbers who stop their victims and beat them with motorcycle locks, helmets and anything that they can get their hands on before robbing them of their valuables.

There are many of these victims who are patients of the outpatient department of the general hospitals and the health clinics around the area.

But their plight is not highlighted by the media nor even mentioned by those who champion the rights of those who get beaten up in the lockups of police stations.

If the police are allowed get information from their informants on the whereabouts of these gang members and an arrest can be made, then the police should be allowed to give these gangsters a taste of their own medicine.

If they are unable to take the beatings, then perhaps it is their fate. This of course does not mean that anyone of a particular race should be deemed a menace to society and be eliminated!

But nevertheless, some fear should be instilled in this thugs that they too can be culled like sacrificial goats that await their fate like what can be seen happening on a weekly or monthly basis in plantation Hindu temples around the country.

The police should be allowed to act freely on reports by members of the public on these thugs so that this country can be a safe place again for all to live, work and play.

The common morning victims will be housewives who walk to the market for their daily purchase of fresh produce to prepare meals for their families, morning walkers, joggers, cyclists, office workers awaiting transport, pensioners, car owners who walk to their vehicles from their offices, those who frequent petrol kiosks to fill up and buy necessities, are all favourite targets for these thugs.

Do these victims get justice? Have their plight ever been taken up by political parties from both side of the divide?

If one asks the police, there will be hundreds of reports like this on a daily basis. But what is the use of these reports, if these thugs get away easily for all the trauma and losses that they have caused their victims?

Even if one is caught and hammered or culled by the cops in their lockups, isn't justice served - though in a very unlikely way?

Many of those who champion the rights of these morons who go around bullying people do not know the agony of being robbed and harmed until they themselves become victims one day.

The police should be allowed to act freely without any outside pressure or political interference so that this societal menace will fear hurting people.

Unless and until such fear is instilled, these criminal pests will continue to fester at a rapid pace.

The district magistrate courts are full of the next of kin of these gang members who wait patiently for their sons, sons in law, husbands and boyfriends to come from these lockups to be charged for their crimes.

This charade is not effective. It doesn't dampen their resolve and they become bolder and stronger when they come back to regain their activities after time spent being in gaol.

The police have got to be tougher with these criminals and not be bothered about what politicians, and champions of causes have to say when they get these individuals dead or alive!

Though we see one race being the main target of such acts where they end up being dead, can we blame the police when most of the criminals who cause such hurt and trauma and even death to their victims come from one particular race?

Therefore when the police get their man, they vent their anger.

Can we blame the police?

We want the police to do their job, know the law, be professional and make the streets safe for all of us but are we making it conducive for them?

We want safe streets, we want to be able to come home at 2am in the morning and not be worried of being followed or robbed midway.

We want our valuables and our children to be safe.

We want our hard earned money to be with us till we come home and put it in a safe place.

But yet we don't seem to agree on how these idiots who roam the streets and do this damage to society should be punished.

The police should be allowed a free hand to deal with this menace till the underworld hears the message from the police loud and clear.

If governmental policy through their schooling and parental care has failed to shape and mould these hoodlums to become good citizens, then the obvious solution is to allow the police to play their part.

The police can only police if society allows them.

If society protects these individuals who cause harm and trauma to all and expects the police to do their job, then we have got the whole equation wrong.

If the politics are stopped and police work is allowed to be carried out, these criminals will be taught a lesson but what we have today is the police becoming highly sensitive of politicians and champions of causes and in the process losing to these criminals.

I want to see the heyday of the police force again, where criminals shudder at the thought of the police coming their way.

I want to see the policeman proud of his duty and not in fear of the criminals that he is supposed to hunt down.

To see that, we should allow the police to do their job.

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