So obvious marriage at 13 is wrong

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I read with great concern and sadness the headlines on May 21.

The news was about a 40-year-old-man who had sex with a minor aged 13 years old. This act is against the law of our land and we as a people should not condone or encourage it.

The older man claimed he had done nothing wrong because he says the girl and he agreed to the sex act and now he intends to marry her. I am a mother of a daughter aged 15.

I know my daughter and all young girls for that matter, desire the love and attention of their parents, especially their biological fathers.

When they do not sense or experience these, their proverbial "love tanks" are empty and any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes by may be accepted indiscriminately, to their detriment.

In other words, these girls are more vulnerable to the smooth talk of these sexual predators who create confusion in their young and impressionable minds concerning love and sex.

I thoroughly believe the saying: "True love can wait, but lust cannot wait to get."

Marriage is a partnership between two mature consenting male and female adults (not children). Good marriage requires a lot of interpersonal skills, sacrifice, self-control, respect and consideration.

When a baby comes along, the parents are supposed to nurture and train him or her to be a useful and moral adult. This is a big assignment even for fully-grown adults.

Does any rational person think a child of 13 is capable of these? What kind of society or community would we have if 13-year-olds are helming our homes and hearth?

Is it reasonable to suppose that such a young child from a poor and probably disadvantaged background can make an informed choice (is it even a choice in the first place) about marriage and what it entails?

As this present time, our nation's focus is also turned to the "rape" of Cameron Highlands. Rightly so, we are saddened and upset because the highland was mismanaged and abused.

More important than land usage is our personal and country's heritage - the children in our midst.

Children are meant to be children, Please do not steal their childhood and innocence for our selfish desires and gain.

Give them the freedom to grow, play, learn and explore without molestation. When we have the will to protect the marginalised, the weak and the voiceless, only then will we become a great nation.


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