Revert to one-year term for councillors in Selangor

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I refer to today’s article in The Star regarding the Selangor state government’s plan to limit the tenure of councillors and to comments made by the Bukit Gasing assemblyperson and exco member for local government regarding development and the re-zoning of land.

Back in 2008 after the Pakatan came into power in Selangor, a one-year term was put in place and this was later increased to a two-year term in 2012. It would be in the interests of the people that the state employs the best practice of not more than two terms.

It is also suggested that the state reverts to the one-year term as this is to ensure the reduction of abuse of power and corruption as well as to provide an opportunity for other members of the community to serve as a councillor.

It is worrying that the issues of development and re-zoning of land was raised by the elected reps as it has been already made thoroughly clear that any further development is not welcomed especially in areas that has already been developed such as the older parts of Petaling Jaya where it has reached past its maximum capacity. There is no space for further expansion.

Furthermore, PJ was planned to be a satellite of Kuala Lumpur and was never meant to cater for high density developments and population. Today, PJ’s population is close to 600,000, which is three times over the planned capacity of 250,000. Any plans for holistic development should be focused on other areas outside of the Petaling district.

Re-zoning of land to allow for any further high density and unsustainable development must be prohibited to protect and preserve the medium density condition and livability of PJ.

Priority should instead be given to the improvement and upgrading of public roads, amenities and utilities as well as improvement of public services.

SIMON LEE was a GE13 community candidate and a resident of Bukit Gasing.

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