Time to unite against communal politics

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I refer to the news report on the online portal freemalaysiatoday. com on July 18, 2013 on the potential merger of the MCA with the Gerakan and SUPP parties. According to MCA vice-president Donald Lim, he is confident of a single Chinese party  in the Barisan Nasional before the 14th general election.

It amazes me that these BN component parties have yet to learn their lesson on the public’s rejection of their parties during the 13th general election. To a lot of the public, it doesn’t matter whether there are three “Chinese” parties in the BN or one “Chinese” party, it is the BN’s symbol that is on the ballot paper and it is the BN that was rejected wholeheartedly by the people.

These BN component parties must realise that the people know they have been taken for a ride for so many years and now that they have been rejected, they still blame anything and everything but themselves for the loss of support. Where were these so called “Chinese” parties when Umno blamed the Chinese for their losses during the 13th general election?

It is obvious to see that despite their newfound plea to MCA to be a multi-racial party, they are still caught within their communal mentalities. They can urge MCA to be multi-racial, but can they urge Umno to be multi-racial? Or do they even dare try to ask? Until then, it is obvious to see that their so-called multi-racialism is but a myth and a smokescreen.

Malaysians have had enough of the “divide and rule” policy that the BN inherited from our former colonial masters. It is time for Malaysians to unite against communal politics and take care of each other as Malaysians. BN has obviously not figured this out yet.

CHRIS LEE CHUN KIT is an MPPP councillor and Penang Dapsy deputy youth chief.


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