When will the gov't start acting against crime?

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Whilst the chairperson of MyWatch is put on a ventilator and fights for his life, we seem to be a nation that still indulges in finger pointing instead of acting to right the wrongs that have been taking place right under the nose of our authorities.

It may not come as a surprise that all sorts of religious name calling, acts of sabotage via the Net and blatant acts of mischief out of spite and put certain quarters in trouble just so that a national action plan can be put to use and haul up all those whom the federal administration thinks is a hindrance to its continued and firm grip on the mental state of the misinformed masses.

When are we going to act? There seems to be this dust that has not settled after the last general election just because a good majority of the urban folk have sent a very strong message to the federal administration that they are not going to simply be taken for granted any more.

Corruption has come to the point that we are witnessing the underworld showing us in the law-abiding world that they would do anything to have their ways and their turfs guarded because they would not want their usual way of doing business to be disturbed in any way whatsoever. The police seem helpless and like what we see in the movies, only come after the assassination, murders, killings, rapes and kidnappings have been done.

Why do the police seem helpless when they can spring into action when a politician makes a statement and apprehend him even if he were to be peeing in some toilet somewhere?

Again it is all due to the usual course of business where money, power play and politics do the talking, not the law. The law is there just as a superficial facade for all to see and perceive that everything is going as per the letter of the law.

Guns will not be easily obtainable if all our enforcement agencies do their duty with honour and integrity. Even if our supply of firearms and ammunition comes from the international market, how are they allowed in that easily if not for some law enforcing authority at some point being on the take?

The situation has been allowed to deteriorate because a government job is now a ticket to make money and to do business on the side or in local terms to ‘cari makan’ till they retire. Now since the retirement age has been increased to 60, the process is further enhanced by starting as early as possible.

Now will the authorities act? How will they act when there is no leadership by example. If the top leaders take action and show that they mean what they say, then we can see real 'transformasi' or transformation as the leadership now proclaims it is doing. But to date the criminals seem to be having a field day because of complete inaction by the police.

We recently had a former chief minister who had said that even the police need protection against these underworld barons and kingpins, if that is the case, what is the use of the police force beefing up its personnel and arsenal? Is it to further enhance an opportunity for someone to make some money in the form of increase in supplies and other necessities since the force is to be bigger?

It will be better to get the army to solve this problem if the police can't. They seem to be too involved in the system that they are just unable to act as it would mean that they would have to step on too many toes to get to the bottom of the matter.

Whilst all this happens, the people suffer. The best part of the entire situation is that, we Malaysians are a real dumb lot and the leadership at the federal level know that very well and intend to keep it that way perpetually.

Despite all this shortcomings and the complaints, we still continue to succumb at the last minute to money and other promises and keep the same government at the federal level perpetually. We seem prepared to change state governments but not federal governments knowing very well that our system is one which gives the most important powers to the federal government.

To enable the people to enjoy some guarantee on the level of safety in the country, the leadership clearly needs to appoint the right people to the positions that most matter. We have the expertise and we have the brains to carry out the transformations but such people may not belong to the right race or religion that the leadership would like them to be.

Again, we are hindered by a process of self discrimination where as a country, we still tend to segregate according to race and religion in the process we lose good individuals and talents who can make the difference and partake in the transformation that we so badly need but are never able to accomplish.

As I am writing this, I am made to understand that a 39-year-old Chinese Malaysian has won the title Mrs Universe. It is a great honour for the country but will we accept the fact that she is a Malaysian first and a Chinese second.

She has done the country proud and like her there are many individuals in the police force who are very able and capable leaders, who honour the uniform that they wear and the badge of honour that they carry on their shoulders.

These are the people who need to be put in charge of the police force to start the process of transformation where the criminals should start fearing the police and not vice versa.

The boldness is so great that it is almost in a state of lawlessness in some parts of the country. More so in the states in which Pakatan Rakyat is in power. Is this done deliberately so that the people will shun Pakatan and run back to the devil that they know BN just so that they will be left in peace?

Are we going to act? Or are we just going to allow these criminals a free reign to do as they please? The root cause of this state of affairs is nothing but corruption. If corruption can make the police look so helpless and like lame ducks, imagine what else it can do with the running of the state and the nation as a whole?

Let’s hope that we get the right people back and promote the right ones so that we can salvage the integrity of the police force instead of allowing it to be reduced to an armed unit to salvage the sinking reputations of hordes of corrupt politicians who don't seem to care.

As I am writing this, senior advocate Americk Sidhu is being questioned by the police for the talk that he had given in a recent fundraising dinner organized by Human rights group Suaram. If they can swing into action on those who can think and opine, why can't they do the same on criminals who prey on innocent people?

Basically it is just plain lackadaisical attitude on part of the police. They go after the people who make the masses think but let the scumbags who rob, steal, rape, murder and cheat to continue all because of the money trail that goes along with such attitudes by the police.

We must act, we have to look out for ourselves and for others near us so that in the event that there is an attempt, we may at least know how to protect ourselves and our belongings to the best that we can without the lost of lives.

Though some may argue that it may be akin to taking the law into our own hands but as a people do we have any other choice? There may be concerted efforts to get the Pakatan governments to look bad but those with such ill intents will have to know that it is the lives of innocent people that we are dealing with.

Get a short rattan cane or stick when we go out for a walk or a jog, it may not look cool but it will protect your life when you least think of it.

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