All stressed out over RM10k 'over-billed' by TNB

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My father has been harassed by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) for over a year now and has spent a great deal of his time attempting to have the problem, that they have caused, fixed.

You see, over a year ago my father received a bill from TNB as expected every month but this time the bill was RM10,000 more than he was expecting (usual bill for years has been RM100-RM300 per month). The shock alone for most old people could probably see them in an early grave. He rushed off to TNB in Shah Alam and asked why this had happened. No one could answer, just that it was in the system and they needed to start an investigation into the matter.

The following month the bill arrived again with the RM10,000 and this time it was red signifying an overdue bill with a threat to disconnect his power. More stress! Off he went again to TNB Shah Alam and found that there was no mention of the previous month’s visit or any investigation having been started. So again he was told yes, it would be investigated and not to worry, no one will disconnect his power while the dispute is in the system.

This has continued over the past year with more visits to verify that the problem was indeed being investigated. Then all of a sudden today a man turned up at his door with a letter that authorizes him to disconnect his power.

Is TNB trying to kill our senior citizens with unwarranted stress? We live a life of worrying if we will have enough to pay the bills every month and then we are expected to lie down and pay a mammoth RM10,000 extra for no good reason other than unjust punishment of having a power cut, it is nothing less than criminal.

I should add that they are also attempting to make him pay snowballing monthly interest on the RM10,000 that is a system error or otherwise.

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