'Utusan generalising my claims, deliberately misleading readers'

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An article in today’s Utusan Malaysia with the title 'Penipuan Pembangkang didedah' (Opposition’s fraud exposed) quoted my words from a Free Malaysia Today article that was published on Sept 15 entitled “DAP man concurs Pemantau’s findings of no foreign voters, blackouts.”

In this Utusan article, I was quoted to have said: “As far as I know, there are no foreign voters (Bangladesh nationals) or power disturbance. So I agree with their (election observation project, Pemantau) view.”

“Setakat yang saya tahu, tidak ada pengundi asing (warga Bangladesh) atau gangguan bekalan elektrik. Jadi saya bersetuju dengan pandangan mereka (Pemantau).”

However, the same Utusan article failed to quote an important clarification in the Free Malaysia Today article , which was that my comment on the foreign voters was limited only to my own parliamentary constituency of Serdang and that my comment on the blackouts was only limited to the parliamentary constituency of Bentong.

By not quoting this clarification, Utusan is deliberately misleading the reader into thinking that I am making this generalisation of no foreign voters and no blackouts for the entire country.

I cannot agree with this generalisation as I do not have access to all the relevant information for all the constituencies in the country.

I am waiting for the Bersih People's Tribunal to hold its public hearings to see if there are any proof or information pertaining to foreign voters and electricity blackouts in other constituencies.

This is yet another example of irresponsible journalism on the part of Utusan Malaysia .

It is no wonder that its circulation has been dropping, so much so that it now has to rely on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to market this sorry excuse for a newspaper to government-linked companies’ advertisers.

DR ONG KIAN MING is DAP MP for Serdang.


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