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Chin Peng is with the people forever

He has left us, but he is with the people forever.


With the greatest pain and deepest sorrow, we announce the passing of our beloved leader and our dear comrade Chin Peng (@ Ong Boon Hua) who departed peacefully at the age of 89 on Sept16, 2013 at 6.20am (Malaysian time 7.20am) in Bangkok, after a long struggle with illness.

He has thus ended a glorious life in combat and finally left all his compatriots of all races, comrades-in-arms, relatives and friends as well as the people’s cause, for which he devoted his entire life, and his beloved Motherland.


His battle against illness depicts his strong character, just as in his life, fighting against all odds, against the inevitable. He fought with such determination and courage; and most of all with serenity imbued with great wisdom, without which he would have lost the “battle” long ago.


And yet, the inevitable has come: he has left us forever. Perhaps, it is like after a long-drawn fight, he needed a rest. So be it, rest in peace, our dear comrade.


He may have left us, but his spirit is with us, embedded in the heart of every one of us.


Nothing could replace the comradeship that has bounded us together. We fought to the death to defend our country against foreign aggressors. Together we mustered the courage to fight against evil forces and injustices in society. Together we dared all our adversaries to continue bullying the weak and the oppressed.   


We share the same ideals, the same political beliefs that hold us together for a life time. We dream together for a better world. We show to future generations that the road for change is long and tortuous. We were a bunch of people who dare to fight and dare to sacrifice for the betterment of mankind.


We fully understand his last wish to return his body to his children whom he had never been able to care for. Their sufferings and his could perhaps never be understood or felt by others. In this, he has shown to the world that he is but a human being, full of humility and humanistic values and sensitivities. We salute him. We salute his children and family, to whom we convey our deepest condolences.


He had loved very much his country - his place of birth. He had the wisdom and courage to bring peace to our country. He had done his part and yet he had been denied return to his beloved Motherland. History will point the finger of indictment at those who break the promises. Let it be, the people are not blind.


Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng - our beloved leader, our comrade, the courageous freedom fighter!


Jointly issued by:

Abdulah CD, close comrade-in-arms of Comrade Chin Peng,

Chulabhorn Village 9 (Banglang Peace Village)

Chulabhorn Village 10 (Betong Peace Village)

Chulabhorn Village 11 (Yaha Peace Village)

Chulabhorn Village 12 (Sukhirin Peace Village)

Twenty-First Century Friendship Association Malaysia

Hatyai Peace Association

Banglang Peace Village Association

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