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Slaughtering animals in school is unconstitutional

In Malaysia the sekolah bebangsaan are the national schools where multi-racial children studying and we should respect all races and religions to have a better Malaysia. From Merdeka Day till a few years it was like that but recently the respect for other races and religious sentiments has degraded.

When the non-Muslim school teachers, staff and children respect the Muslims, we expect the same respect given back to non-Muslims. In Tuesday’s case I found many schools slaughtered cows in their compounds. There are rules for things which can be done in the school and things which cannot be done.

Every school activity should be aligned with the education system and co-curriculum aspect, but slaughtering cow in the school compound is not in the system or related with education. I would like to urge the parliamentarians to debate about this. It is a serious issue which doesn’t align with education. The Education Ministry needs to take stern action against the schools which slaughter cows.

I have called Sek Keb Puchong Jaya to ask for the explanation about the incident, The headmaster of the school didn’t have any black-and-white approval from Education Ministry. The relevant ministry and district council should take action about this. It is not proper to have double standards in this multi-racial country.

Slaughtering animals in school is not hygienic. It is also not good for young kids to see the animals suffering. As an animal lover, all sort of killing should be done in slaughterhouses or in private places, not in the public. As for Indians, a cow is considered as one of the seven mothers on the earth.

The schools, Education and Health ministries should understand that it is improper to do this in a school where other races are studying. The way things are going is extremely scary and unconstitutional.