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On Free Malaysia Today 's (FMT) article 'Did God ask for this?' (by Narinder Singh dated Jan 16, on the practices of Thaipusam), who does this writer think he is to mock Hinduism and people’s personal beliefs in religion?

This is not the first time the writer has insulted a religion and FMT continues to encourage such articles

Too much leeway has been given to such people to voice their opinion, that sensitive boundaries are being crossed to play up people’s emotions and destroy the peace and stability in this country.

The writer should have known that it is non-ethical to give sensitive religious remarks. He has the right to his views, but sharing such opinions in public should be forbidden.

The writer should be charged with sedition and FMT be investigated by the authorities as our country has always been tolerant on religion and should be kept that way.

R RAMANAN is MIC treasurer-general.