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Hindraf misusing Indian M'sians for its popularity

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) was an organisation led by five lawyers and a few strong members who wanted the government of Malaysia to stop marginalising Indian Malaysians. In 2008, They did a Malaysia-wide tour campaign against the BN government. It was a great success. BN lost its two-thirds majority in parliament.

The strong pillars of Hindraf were Uthayakumar Ponnusamy, Kengatharan, Manoharan Malayalam, Ganapathi Rao, Vasantha Kumar and Waythamoorthy Ponnusamy. When the Umno-led government arrested five Hindraf members under the Internal Security Act (ISA), Waythamoorthy fled to the UK for a safer situation so that he could run the show.

Thanendran (now the president of the Makkal Sakti Party) was appointed to run the show on behalf of Waythamoorthy. Later, Thanendran joined BN after some misunderstanding.

Before the five Hindraf members were released by BN, Uthayakumar and his brother Waytha sidelined the rest of the leaders so that they could hijack the organisation. Vasantha and Ganapathi Rao were labelled as Special Branch officer to remove them from the organisation.

The organisation now has only two leaders. Waytha could not work together with his brother Uthaya, and sidelined him. They reduced their key players by labelling them as Special Branch officers and mandores. Waytha used this tactic to remove members who are against his policies and keep the movement under his control.

Waytha’s movement was given the green light to register before the Hindraf blueprint memorandum of understanding (MOU) discussion began. They registered the group as Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia, formerly known as Hindraf Makkal Sakthi.

When Waytha returned to Malaysia from exile, he announced that Hindraf belonged to all Indian Malaysians regardless of political parties. Today the membership never been open to any Indian Malaysians. They kept the membership for the people who can say ‘yes boss’. Waytha sold all the Indian Malaysian dignity to get his dream post in government.

Waytha's ‘yes boss’ group was campaigning over the whole of Malaysia, saying that Pakatan rakyat is cheating the Indian Malaysians and they were not willing to sign the MOU. Now, logically, why are you still sitting in the Barisan Nasional coalition even though you know that they are not giving anything as promised.

Where are the Hindraf comrades such as Ganesan (Naragan), Sambulingam, Ramesh, Tamilselvan, Sivakumar and Mohan? The ‘yes boss’ gang are hiding behind Waythamoorthy and they have no voice to go beyond their boss. This is what Waytha created from the beginning so that Hindraf members would not go beyond his control.

Sambulingam and Naragan were giving rhetorical speeches and media statements around Malaysia that they would deliver the promises to Indian Malaysians. So what happen to your promises? The racist Umno government will not entertain all of you in a few months’ time, bear this in mind. Soon we will have the Kajang by-election, are you going to campaign for your Umno bosses?

Still upholding human rights and democracy?

Naragan the adviser, Sambu the vice-president, Ramesh the vigorous secretary, Tamilselvam who is a strong pillar in the Selangor team and Sivakumar who is the hardcore Negri Sembilan leader; where is your stand when your boss Waytha is keeping Indian Malaysians life in deep hell. Are your team members still upholding human rights and democracy?

Remember Indian Malaysians are not with you any more, your boss and whole team cannot use Indian Malaysians to get some benefits. All this while Hindraf used the name of human rights to fail Indian Malaysians. Naragan, you should resign from being an adviser because you are advising the whole organisation in the wrong direction.

Waytha should resign from his post for misusing the plight of Indian Malaysians. We see the whole group as drama players. Hindraf’s blueprint is the key point to join BN, and now we see that using this key you didn’t open any doors for Indian Malaysians. Najib, Indians will not vote for BN in the coming Kajang by-election. Umno, your days are numbered. Hindraf is begging for Umno’s mercy and is voiceless.

If Waytha does not resign from his position as a Hindraf leader and a deputy minister, I will bring more truth and lift the secrecy of the great Hindraf to the media.

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