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Who benefits from govt-funded Paloh?

Tonight the film 'Paloh' will have its press preview in Kuala Lumpur and will be subsequently released nationwide on July 10.

This is the second government-sponsored (Finas, Filem Negara and Ministry of Information) film to be made and released, produced at a cost of RM3.5 million. The first was 'Embun' which cost RM3.8 million, and only made about RM1.5 million at the local box office.

As a filmgoer there are a few questions that I would like to ask of 'Paloh'.

One, why is there is a 'supervising producer' in this film? I find this odd because no other film in the world, including Hollywood, has such a designation.

Two, whose film is it anyway? I have not heard about the film and its concept from the director, Adman Salleh, but from its so-called 'supervising producer'; whereas any film is a work of the director and no other.

Three, why was the company assigned by the Information Ministry to make 'Paloh' called Web Productions, which had not produced any film before?

Four, and why did Information Minister Khalil Yaakob personally approve that this company be solely responsible to produce the film when another company had been chosen to do so?

Five, is it because Khalil Yaakob has a personal and direct interest in this company, Web Production?

Many people do not know the hanky-panky that has been going on with the two Finas-sponsored films - 'Embun' and 'Paloh', and why 'Embun' went over the budget when the initial allocation was a mere RM1.5 million.