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Do not take the law for granted. Don’t think you can do whatever you want, you are wrong! Practically, the government has been very lenient and tolerant on many issues, but the opposition had been taking advantages of everything after 13th general election until everything becomes a free for all. This ‘Onederful Video’ issue has been pending for very long.

I am glad finally the authority have taken the brave step to charge Teresa Kok over this malicious, ill intended video produced by the Seputeh MP on an auspicious day to undermine the government with ill-intention, painting a negative picture about Malaysia, the prime minister and insulting its administration.  

Teresa Kok can say whatever she want, she knows very well what she had done is wrong and the video clip produced in conjunction with the Chinese New Year is detrimental and highly seditious.

How could Teresa Kok as a Member of Parliament come up with such a video clip provoking the people with a mischievous hidden agenda? Does it look good to make fun and joke about the government’s policies and then you come up and say it’s satirical? Does it make sense, or does she think everyone is stupid?

It’s very true the rakyat can judge what you are doing but, do not take the rakyat for granted that they will believe whatever you say or do is right. DAP, please come down to earth, be realistic and as humble as possible. Don’t be arrogant just because you have the people’s support and Penang is under your control.

This foolish and stupid act by Teresa Kok could cause unrest and might spark riots among the peaceful citizen of the country. DAP might think otherwise but they have to accept the fact that what Teresa Kok did was an unacceptable mockery.

We applaud the move made to charge Teresa Kok for her mockery as this should serve as a warning and lesson for those making jokes and fun about the government.

A CHANDRAKUMANAN is PPP information chief.

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