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So much has been talked about the recent introduction of syariah hudud law in Brunei by the sultan of Brunei. Brunei with almost 80 percent Muslim population has taken this position based on their religious teachings.

Now Brunei is being used as a reference by many in Malaysia, including those in PAS who want to introduce a similar law in Malaysia. While many would remember that the Terengganu and Kelantan state assemblies has already passed hudud law bills many years back, its important to note that those laws are not in practice for reasons known best to them. I do not wish to indulge in this too much.

It is commendable that the sultan of Brunei has taken it upon himself by introducing this so-called God’s law, as part of their religious belief. However, what is ironic in this is that the sultan of Brunei has actually exempted himself from being punished by the same God’s law. This is baffling and unbelievable!

Now he has introduced the law to be practiced in Brunei which affects the rakyat, but has inserted a clause which says that the law cannot affect the prerogative rights of the sultan and that he cannot be prosecuted either in his personal or official capacity. Wow!

The sultan of Brunei is practically saying that Allah’s law doesn’t affect him and thus he is bigger than Allah! Now this is hypocrisy of the highest order.

As such, I hope those people in Malaysia who quote him and Brunei as an example would take a look at this hypocrisy and decide for themselves whether it ought to be an example to follow. I also hope that since Perkasa has been invited to Brunei to learn more about hudud there, they could ask the sultan on why he is exempted.