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Selangor gov’t must disband Mais and Jais

I’m flabbergasted, confused and amused at Malay rights group Jati’s urging to “all Muslims to stand behind the Selangor Islamic Affairs Council's (Mais) decision not to return the 321 copies of the Malay and Iban language Bible to the Bible Society Malaysia (BSM)”.


Jati’s president Hasan Ali wants all Malaysians who are Muslims, Islamic organisations, Malay-Muslim organisations and others who want Islam glorified, to stand firm behind Mais in its efforts to protect Allah's religion which is now facing deterioration.


“Bow only to Allah's orders,” he said. But what is Allah’s order? Did he say anywhere that the word 'Allah' over which all the fuss is being made, is for the exclusive use of Muslims, or particularly Muslims in Malaysia?


Are certain Muslims in Malaysia granted a special license by the Prophet to do what they like in the good name of Islam that other Muslims don’t do in other parts of the world? 


The Selangor Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Among Muslims) Enactment that he cites is not God’s order. It is a man-made law, made to achieve man’s objectives and not God’s objectives.


Malaysians would be happy to see Jati on a jihad to enforce God’s original law – stop corruption, cheating, baby dumping, drug taking, murder, rape, etc.  


So what jihad is Hassan Ali talking about – jihad to enforce God’s law of love, compassion, peace and harmony in diversity as said by the Sultanah of Johor a few days ago, or jihad to enforce man-made law (the enactment) that goes crossroads with God’s law?

Hassan Ali says that Jati believes that this case “not only touches on our principles as Muslims but it is a jihad (struggle) for which we are answerable to Allah.”


Did Allah say that Islam is a religion of compulsion and aggression, of not respecting the rights of others to worship as they please?  


His statement that since the enactment was promulgated 25 years ago, there has not been a single prosecution under it and therefore the Bible case must be prosecuted, is most absurd and laughable.


There was no prosecution because the non-Muslims did not go about trying to convert Muslims as has often (lately) been bandied about for political reasons.


The 321 Bibles were not seized from the hands of Muslims, but taken from the store of the Bible Society. So where is the breach of the enactment?  

When a body set up by the state goes beyond the bounds of its limits, it is time not just to reign it in, but to get rid of it.

Jais and Mais have become cancerous and the state government should take the bull by the horns and pass a motion (or whatever you call it) to pull the rug out from under Jais’ and Mais’ feet.


These bodies have become too big for their boots and are destroying the very good name of Islam that they are supposed to protect by ensuring Muslims follow the tenets of unpolluted Islam as preached by the Prophet.