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Don’t let MH17 fade away like MH370

The shooting down of MH17 on July 17 is not only shocking but totally outrageous. I am surprised and disappointed that Malaysia’s reaction so far has fallen short  of what should be an outrage for this crime against humanity.

The government's reaction is diplomatic, too mild and inadequate against such a horrible crime as this against innocent civilians being transported in its national airline. Our government has every right and duty to come out loud and strong to push for the fullest inquiry to ascertain the murderers and having done so to lead in the international pressure to have them prosecuted in the International Criminal Court.

In the meanwhile I feel that Malaysians from all levels should come out in public to express their total unacceptability of this cruel act and to show our sympathy to all who are mourning.  We must not allow this to fade away like MH370.

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