Aug 30, 2014, was my first taste of the taxi facilities at the KLIA2.

My flight from Bandung was uneventful.

Together with my wife and a load of three cabin size bags and golf set, we dutifully completed the long arduous walk to the taxi coupon counter. Directional signs to the counter were few and far in between. The lift down to Level 1 where this counter was located was well hidden behind the construction hoarding of two shops.

Only two types of taxi services were designated at the counter. One for ‘budget taxis’ and the other for ‘metered taxis’. The coupon clerk merely asked for the destination, quoted, collected the fare and issued the tickets. We were at the taxi pick up area at about 4.30 pm.

The ruckus and the ‘racket’ that followed at the taxi pickup area was something that is usually seen in a Third World country.

The first taxi driver refused to accept the ticket and claimed that the bags would not fit the boot. We were passed on to a second taxi.

A so-called ‘marshal’ then appeared and yelled that I should have purchased a ‘limo’ ticket instead. His absence of manners and abundance of abusive body language was clear. He was clearly not there to help but to push us for a higher-end ticket. If his job is to advise on the type of coupon to be purchased, he should be stationed at the coupon counter instead.

It was a “you go back and buy a limo ticket or no go” situation. This despite the fact that there was no ‘limo’ taxi option displayed at the ticket counter. It reminded me of similar situations that had occurred in the past to myself, members of my family, friends and visitors. I stood my ground and had all the luggage loaded into the boot without difficulty.

One would have thought that such distasteful racketeering would have been left behind with the move to this brand-new KLIA2. To our visitors and tourists, such acts create a terrible image of Malaysia.

It is about time that the relevant authorities take note and do the needful.

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