Non-halal: Belacan, udang kering an issue too


Modified 29 Jan 2008, 10:21 am

This business of primary school students not being able to eat their choice of lunch in peace is really starting to get under my skin. It is just so ludicrous. As a Muslim, I am embarrassed when I have to read articles, letters or news reports that suggest that the Muslim normative and needs override all else.

Self-aggrandising and righteous undertones really make me wonder how anyone is supposed to feel kindly towards Islam and Muslims.

I find it extremely disturbing that some Muslims think very little of how it hurts their Hindu friends when Muslims chomp away on their beef rendang, and I am equally irritated when Muslim caterers simply do not understand that belacan in your kangkung or udang kering in the sayur campur is not on for vegetarians.

The ultimate in Malik Noor's worldview of 'tolerance' should therefore be no belacan or udang kering. Or if you really want to take it further, talk to your vegan friend.

You can pretend that this halal lunch-box discussion is about 'tolerance' but taking this brand of 'tolerance' to its ultimate end actually builds a case for complete intolerance, paranoia and a setting up of the 'lesser' other. Look at what it is doing to that school. Even rubbish has a strata! What next, a halal dumpster and a non-halal one?

Pork sellers touch the same money that will at some stage make it to a Muslim hand. Then what? A new directive?

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