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The group of 100 practising lawyers who signed the petition (for brevity, hereinafter referred to as G100) dated Feb 21, 2015 urging that the president of the Malaysian Bar retract the press statement issued by him attacking the judiciary and administration of justice, and tender a public apology pursuant thereto, wishes to express and place the following on record:-

(i) G100 does not associate itself with the statements made by one Khairul Anwar Rahmat of SukaGuam as reported in several news portals implying and insinuating that G100 is in one way or another associated to the said association;

(ii) As much as G100 as a group of concerned, independent, individual members of the Bar urges that each members of the Bar join in support of the petition regardless of their political leanings or beliefs, this effort and exercise is not headed or arranged by any organisation, political or otherwise;

(iii) That being said, G100 has never mandated anyone or group other than its official spokesperson to issue statements on behalf of the one hundred lawyers. Instead, any further communication pursuant to the petition is advised to be forwarded to Lukman Sheriff Alias as the official spokesperson of G100, who could be contacted at: [email protected] .

Please refer to the Facebook page of 'G100 Lawyers' for the official position and development of G100;

(iv) Lastly, G100 open heartedly invites members of any organisation, including SukaGuam, to support the petition under their capacity as individual members of the Bar, but not as members of their respective organisations.


Signed by,

Lukman Sheriff Alias

(official spokesperson, G100)