We strongly condemn critics of young gymnast

C Sivarraajh

Modified 13 Jun 2015, 8:48 am

Some people are just too sick - they don’t see a difference between international sports competition and personal morality.

They are too dumb and always mix it, causing huge controversy.

The answer that national gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, who won a gold yesterday, gave her critics was very proper - “empty cans make the most noise.”

Why was she criticised in the first place?

Is she wearing very revealing dress? Or is she behaving in any offensive manner?

She was only wearing a leotard that is appropriate for the game she was on - that is as a gymnast.

Do the critics expect her to wear a tudung and do gymnastics or are they suggesting she does not do gymnastic at all?

What a shame! Please leave the poor girl alone. Do not attack her as un-Islamic for taking part in a game and winning a gold medal for the country.

The Facebook critics who slammed her showing her body shape or her ‘aurat’ are living in the Stone Age.

Leave her alone to win more medals for the country.

She wowed the judges and brought home the gold medal.

Farah danced her way into the hearts of the judges with an energetic performance to win the floor exercise gold medal on the final day of the artistic gymnastics event in Singapore.

She also won two bronze medals the day before and was awarded 13.733 points for her routine, to finish ahead of Indonesia’s Rifda Irfanalutfi.

C SIVARRAAJH is MIC Youth leader.