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Only a mockery if Khir gets light sentence

Karamjit Gill  |  Published:  |  Modified:

Arguments and pleas by lawyers of disgraced former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohamed Khir Toyo with regard to court sentencing are appalling. Free dental service to the poor for three days per week over a one or two year period to replace jail sentence?

That is not bad an idea actually. Free dental service for the poor three days per week to be included in the jail sentence. The remaining four days in a week, he could be utilised to clean toilets, sweep the floors in jail and perform other jail chores.

Khir’s lawyer claims that prior to his conviction, Khir Toyo was a person of good character with no prior unblemished records and that should be taken into consideration for his sentencing. Well, then that should also be the case for all criminals who got caught for the first time.

What a pile of rubbish that lawyers these days can come up with, that too from a Tan Sri. The only reason Khir Toyo was not convicted before is because he allegedly abused his powers and never got caught.

I personally feel the court should not fine Khir Toyo but instead slap him with a heavier punishment. People like Khir Toyo allegedly have enough money hidden in his closet than even fines amounting to hundreds of thousands will not affect even a hair on him.

Malaysia is fast becoming a world champion in corruption and if Khir gets away lightly, it will only mock the system that even if a corrupt gets caught it does not matter. People will not even wince to indulge in corruption then.

With the whole debacle that occurred during the International Anti-Corruption Forum recently and our government’s claim to take active measures to combat corruption, let Khir Toyo’s sentencing set a precedent in the country.

What Khir Toyo did was not just corruption but also an abuse of power bestowed upon him to look after the interest of the people that he obviously used to only his gain. He can also be labelled a thief that tried to sneakily steal land deals undervalued while the average Malaysian struggles to pay bills.

Khir Toyo’s lawyer tried to play with sentiments that Khir will definitely lose his pension. You think he needs that pension money? You know what will hurt him? If he is instructed to pay back every single sen paid to him during his tenure as menteri besar since he betrayed the trust of the people and rulers.

Maybe an effigy of Khir Toyo should be made and placed in the middle of town for people to spit on.

It is high time big sharks like Khir Toyo is brought to justice instead of always harping on the small fry. The world would be looking out for the court’s decision on the sentencing, if Malaysia would again make it to the joke books.

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