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Pasir Salak Member of Parliament Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, who is also the Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, is the latest to jump on the bandwagon of condemning the Petaling Street visit by China’s Ambassador to Malaysia. He allegedly threatened to slap the Chinese if they continue to complain about the country overseas. What facts does this joker have to insinuate that Chinese traders complained to the Chinese government?

It is pretty funny how he said “Little bit also complain”, referring to the Chinese. That statement is definitely more suitable for the unruly jungle boys and girls led by Jamal Yunos.

We Malays have everything - dominance of the service sector, non-deserving extra scholarships and loans, highest interest rates in any investment and lots more free goodies. Yet the red shirt rally complained about being suppressed. Instead of the Chinese, we Malays are the ones who keep complaining and begging for help. We have become a race that can only be successful with assistance. Tajuddin is definitely disconnected from the reality.

Dear Tajuddin, if you are a man of your words why don’t you officially make noise to the Chinese government? It would be better if you go there in person and lodge your dissatisfaction. But I can assure you Tajuddin will not do such a thing. That’s because he is trying to lure the Chinese government to purchase processed bird nest from local factories in Malaysia. Tajuddin is also working on getting access to exporting local fruits into China.

All his efforts will go in vain if he tries to be funny with the Chinese government. Tajuddin is trying to act like a bully who only dares to exert his authority and ridicule people who are weaker and harmless to his position. If you have the guts Tajuddin, please feel free to openly go against the Chinese government on the international platform and not be a ‘jaguh kampung’.

About a decade ago, Tajuddin was sacked from Umno due to alleged money politics but made a comeback later. Two years ago PKR’s Rafizi Ramli accused Tajuddin of corruption in procuring concessions to build the Tapah campus of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). Tajuddin threatened to sue Rafizi for his revelations and when challenged to proceed, Tajuddin remained silent like a mouse.

When an aeroplane miraculously disappeared we welcomed foreign assistance for the search and rescue. When funding was required for political reasons, we accepted donations from outside. When Muslims in other countries are attacked, we internationally condemn and send all kind of aids to help on humanitarian grounds. But when people of a different faith in this country are stepped on and foreigners intervene, we cry foul.

We threaten the very own citizens in this country, without which Malaysia would never have progressed. The success Malaysia has attained today is because of sacrifices and contributions by people of various ethnicities and different walks of life. No one race is superior or inferior to the other. It is only so in shallow-minded politicians like Tajuddin Rahman.

If other governments seek explanation from our government and with foreigners withdrawing funds from the country, it simply means there is a problem. Instead of putting someone down and behaving like an unstable being, it is better to have some insight into resolving issues. The faster politicians accept limitations and address them, the better it will be for the country as a whole.

Otherwise people like Dr Mahathir Mohamad will continue to mushroom. When not in power, then make noise against those in power.