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Isn’t PKR a party with moderates?

Karamjit Gill  |  Published:  |  Modified:

PKR’s Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid’s comment on ‘sexy attire’ dressing of athletes while sporting is as disgusting as it can get. Not long ago, our gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi was criticised by religious bigots for wearing a ‘revealing’ leotard during her double-gold victory at the SEA games. Malaysians took to the media and condemned such small-minded thoughts. Even the sultan of Selangor backed Farah.

Just as we assumed such issues would never surface again, we have a PKR Member of Parliament now making such disturbing remarks. What happened to the supposed moderation in PKR?

While it may be normal to have rotten apples in every basket, this is not the first time Imran is showcasing his insensitiveness. Last year during the MH17 unfortunate airline disaster, Imran condemned the government for hosting an “excessive” mourning ceremony for the victims. Not at single ‘moderate’ PKR leader rebuked Imran’s inconsiderate comment.

Where are the likes of Rafizi Ramli, who does not spare anyone even if it is a slip of the tongue? Why is Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail not saying anything to such extremist bigots within her own party? As a party head she needs to focus on everything, not only the well-being of her husband. PKR is not a party fighting only for Anwar Ibrahim, is it?

First, PAS made a complete mess out of the opposition coalition. Now, PKR is shooting themselves in the foot. Back in 2010 during the Hulu Selangor by-elections, PKR campaigned along racial lines when BN fielded P Kamalanathan. While BN promoted their candidate as 1Malaysian, PKR relied heavily on the Malay votes. As a result, BN snatched Hulu Selangor from PKR.

PKR repeated their mistake in Hulu Selangor during the general election, and Kamalanathan won with an even bigger majority.

Presently, Imran has again allowed BN to preach moderation instead. Khairy Jamaludin hit back immediately, defending athletes’ sporting attire, and said there is no evidence to suggest sports programmes lead to promiscuity. Imran seems more worried about Khairy’s share in the afterlife. Instead of worrying about someone else’s afterlife, Imran should be more concerned with his own contribution this lifetime.

It astonishes me how small Imran’s cerebral cortex is to even suggest syariah-compliant sports attire. What will he say next? Muslim women should only be clad in burqa and remain in the kitchen?

There is no place for extremism in today’s generation. I certainly hope Imran gets a beating in the next GE. Malaysians should whole-heartedly reject any form of extremist politician irrespective of political affiliation. These disillusioned beings only ogle on women’s sporting attire. They are of no use to mankind.

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