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I wish to reply to the letter Jewish factor in tidal wave relief effort .

All acts of charity must always be commended. However, charity begins at home. Thus Israel is being hypocritical in giving aid thousands of miles away while oppressing the Palestinians back home.

In fact, most countries including Sri Lanka and India - with the lone exception of Thailand - have rejected Israel's offer of aid because it can be interpreted as Israel seeking a backdoor entrance to recognition.

Countries with a sense of decency will never accept Israel as long as it blocks the creation of an independent Palestinian state. I can also understand the frustrations of Sad Malaysian who wrote Whither Arab aid?

Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, which has the world's largest oil reserves, is frequently criticised for not giving aid to poor countries. However, it is not that these Middle-Eastern countries are not generous.

Saudi Arabia is bankrolling for the war in Iraq and provides free oil for the Western allies planes, tanks, ships, helicopters and armoured vehicles. The military operation in Iraq costs billions of ringgit a year.

Which is why it is ridiculous to expect Arab states or the allied countries engaged in Iraq to fork out more cash for the tsunami victims.