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An open letter to Sarawakians

“Think of your future generations when you vote and not your Chief Minister Adenan.”

Dear Sarawakians,

Are you not Malaysians? Take a look at your identity card or passport and see if you are a foreigner or a Malaysian?

Whether you like it or not or how you feel, you are at the moment still a Malaysian.

The only difference between Sarawak and the peninsula is the 1,000km separation by the South China Sea.

A state is run by the state assemblypersons that you elected and represented like mothers looking after the homes, while the elected Members of Parliament are like fathers working outside in search for a better living conditions for your homes.

To say that the state can only run by the elected state assemblypersons without having the assistant of the elected members of Parliament from the federal government is like saying the homes need only the mothers and not the fathers.

Don’t be naive to believe that whatever happened in the peninsula will not affect Sarawak.

Your Chief Minister, Adenan Satem, is trying to impress and build into your mind that Sarawak is somehow independent and does not need peninsular Malaysia. But, is he right?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you pay taxes including the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and where does the money go to? - Umno/BN federal government.

The billions of oil revenue generated and where does the money goes to? - Umno/BN federal government.

Who appointed your chief minister? - The Umno president.

Who allocates and appoints which MPs to be ministers at federal level? - The Umno president.

Who decides how many schools and universities to be built in Sarawak? - Umno/BN federal government.

Why only the Umno president can gives consent to build major infrastructures?

Are the laws and policies (Official secrets Act or OSA, Sedition Act, Prevention of Terrorism Act or Pota, National Security Council or NSC Act, etc) implemented by Umno/BN federal government not affecting you?

If the Umno/BN federal government has to bailout 1MDB, whose money do you think they will use? - Malaysians, the rakyat and that includes you, Sarawakians.

The above are just a few and the control by the Umno/BN federal government are by no means exhaustive.

This statement from your Chief Minister Adenan confirmed that you must think carefully about voting for Umno/BN.

‘Adenan vows to quit office if Umno enters Sarawak’, as reported by Malaysiakini .

Serious questions to ask

The serious question Sarawakians must ask are,

‘Why are everyone including the chief minister so afraid of Umno?’

The answers are plenty and we will just state a few.

In name the federal Government is governed by a coalition called BN but the truth is that Umno is the master that decides everything hence the coalition is now commonly known as Umno/BN.

Religious intolerance and racism have become worse under Umno/BN’s rule for nearly six decades.

Mismanagement, wastage and corruption are not tackled promptly by ministries and the relevant authorities and many have got away with it.

Sarawak is the richest state with blessed natural resources yet it is ranked third among the states which owed the federal government outstanding debts to a tune of RM2.5 billion. Where have the money gone to?

Umno/BN has not being performing as a democratic government should, instead, many are saying the nation is on the way towards a dictatorship and/or a police state.

The latest 1MDB twin mega scandals and how the Umno/BN federal government is doing its best to sweep it away just shows how they protect and defend themselves instead of revealing the truth to the rakyat.

Barring elected MPs from entering Sarawak and deeming them as extremists and undesirables proved Adenan is subservient to Umno/BN, if not what?

So, all in all Umno is a bad taste to Sarawakians including the Chief Minister Adenan.


Sarawakians, Umno may not be physically presence in the state but all the hallmarks of Umno controlling it are already there when you keep voting Umno/BN in.

Chief Minister Adenan may personally be a good guy but there is a limit to how much he can actually do (for the rakyat) when he is still under the control of the Umno president in the guise of the Umno/BN federal government.

If you are reading this article you must be quite familiar of what is going on in this country under the rule of Umno/BN for six decades. The fact is that nearly 70 percent of Sarawakians may not know the truth of the bad goings on with Umno/BN and you are duty bound to inform them and the final decision of whom they want to vote is theirs.

Richard Loh

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