Cervical cancer stage two patient needs immediate help

Jofri Jaraiee

Modified 28 Apr 2016, 4:23 am

A second stage cervical cancer patient living in Pujut Adong 1A, Miri, is appealing for assistance to help her pay the costs of her medical treatment in Kuching. Nancy Bili, aged almost 53, was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. According to her daughter, her mother felt unwell after assisting her husband to cut grass.

Nancy was sent to the Miri General Hospital for further examination and after making an ultrasound scan examination, doctors found a change in the lining of the uterus and she had to undergo a biopsy.

Since then she could not help her husband in his work as a grass cutter. Her husband only hopes that the authorities can help his wife because he is not able to bear the costs of the treatment in Kuching.

They had applied for E-Kasih assistance but there has been no answer so far. The family has also rented a house by the river Adong and they are hoping that there are those who are willing to help reduce their burden.

They complained of this issue to PAS members during a visit to Kampung Pujut Adong recently, and the party is trying to help them as best as it can. PAS hopes the authorities and charitable organisations, as well as the Baitulmal, can help the family through monthly assistance or to sponsor their medical costs.

The authorities are urged to immediately provide assistance to the family of Nancy since they cannot afford to bear the medical costs that are too high for those without fixed income.

Miri General Hospital also does not have the best equipment for cancer patients. Most of the cancer patients had to be flown to Kuching to wait their turn to be examined.

Complaints have long been made to the authorities but there is no sign that this problem will be resolved in the near future. High medical costs also cause hardship to the poor.

We once again urge the authorities to look at the problems of cancer patients seriously so that their problems can be addressed as soon as possible. The cooperation of the authorities to provide the best service to the people is very much appreciated.

JOFRI JARAIEE is Sarawak PAS commissioner-cum-Miri PAS chief.