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MTUC lauds Immigration Dept’s move to freeze assets and bank accounts

The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) welcome the Immigration Department’s policy to freeze assets and bank accounts of employers in the industrial sector who hire illegal foreign workers. In view of the MTUC, the latest announcement is a constructive move to deal with the problem of employment of foreign workers in Malaysia.

We strongly feel that only with decisive actions such as this, we could control the entry of foreign workers illegally and hiring of illegal foreign workers by irresponsible employers. MTUC also firmly believes that this measure will help reduce dependency on the foreign workers unreasonably.

MTUC hope that the Immigration Department will enforce this policy in a comprehensive manner and also hope the Department won't entertain the request or demand of certain quarters who are against the new policy.

This is vital for the country and important for future growth of the nation. We should punish irresponsible parties depend on illegal workers, and should take firm action on them. Hiring or employing foreign workers illegally is a crime. So, why should we tolerate them? Immigration Department must demonstrate its commitment to enforce the existing provisions under the Section 56 (1) of the Immigration Act to freeze their assets.

MTUC’s stand is the employers should not rely on foreign workers, especially by employing those who coming to Malaysia illegally, and at the same time ignoring the local workforce.

Since the Immigration Department took steps to freeze assets and bank accounts of those who employ foreign workers illegally, the Home Ministry also need to continue to freeze recruitment of foreign workers as the ministry’s rehiring the illegal foreign workers programme failed to get support of the employers.

N GOPAL KISHNAM is secretary-general, Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC).

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