The making of the islands in the Andaman Sea

Lim Chui Choo

Modified 16 Sep 2016, 9:56 am

The Andaman Sea is painted RED by the CCCC
As its Ocean Liner, Teratai, barges and tugboats littered the sea
Damming the sea with slabs of one ton concrete to hide
While rings of ‘sea-curtain’ barricade the free flow of tides

The Straits Quay otters migrated with fright
While monitor lizards submerged and egrets took flight
Man and machinery bulldozed in to battle 890 acres of the sea
Messing with God’s gift - the ‘Commons’ meant for all to enjoy and see

The sea protested with a tempest lashing its waves to humble
Reducing , to cheers, some sand-filled mounds into a rubble
The people’s delight however turned into dismay
As CCCC revved up gear with more ships and machinery joining the fray

Racing against time and tide, workers worked late into the night
Even as a local lost his life when a boat capsized with six in plight
The rich in the Villas-by-the-Sea were shaken by ‘thunder’ under their beds
As tugboats ply up and down with barges and cranes caused headaches.

Have the sound sampling tests on Aug 23, 2016 been lost at sea?
Was a detailed environmental impact study carried out for all to see?
What safety measures are in place to safeguard fishermen and other ships
As lights were apparently not visible from the anchors of the CCCC fleet?

Why are E&O and the CCCC ‘gobbling’ up the ‘Commons’ belonging to all
For a property development that has little benefit for the people if at all
Apart from Gurney Wharf, threats to the ecological balance and livelihood
Merits not in harmony with the environment and for the common good