MTUC disappointed, petrol price hike must be reviewed

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The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) is disappointed with the price hike of petrol and diesel, which increased by 15 sen a litre on Nov 1, where it is believed that the increase is the highest this year.

As all of us knew, the current prices of the fuels are higher than the January prices of RM1.85 a litre (RON95), RM2.25 (RON97) and RM1.60 (diesel).

MTUC believes that the increase is related with government’s policy of subsidy restructure.

MTUC also believes that the price increase of petrol and diesel is not a practical move as it will contribute towards negative consequences on the people’s life.

Therefore, MTUC strongly views that the increase is not justified as it would further burden the rakyat, who are facing the serious rising cost of living. Various parties will take the opportunity to increase the prices of goods.

Rather than revising the subsidy and allowing the price of fuel to go up, MTUC is hoping that the federal government will introduce attractive and constructive plans to overcome the cost of living. This is also the people’s hope.

As such, we want the government to cushion the prices of petrol and diesel by subsidising them accordingly.

This includes using the goods and services tax collections, which was reported to be RM30 billion as at Oct 19, 2016, as announced by the prime minister when tabling the Budget 2017 on Oct 23.

N GOPAL KISHNAM is secretary-general of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress.

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