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I am writing in response to the letter Student unwittingly trapped by MMU by Tom Tw Ooi.

I would like to clarify what was told to Ooi at the education fair at Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur was indeed true, ie, the correct foundation to enroll into for a Financial Engineering degree is Foundation Information Technology (IT). Hence, the information given to him at that juncture was correct.

In March 2005, the Multimedia University made a decision to change the foundation for the Financial Engineering degree course from Foundation IT to Foundation Management. Since counseling activities had been carried out since November 2004, we knew that many students who were counseled earlier would not have known about this change.

So currently, the university is allowing the transfer to the Foundation Management course after enrollment into the university provided they meet the requirements. This could be done by writing a letter to the Admissions Division requesting for this change.

At the same time, when students enroll at MMU's Foundation Centre, the director of the centre will advise those who want to pursue a Financial Engineering degree to enroll for Foundation Management.

The university has approved about 10 such cases, whereby students aspiring to obtain a Financial Engineering degree managed to switch courses from Foundation IT to Foundation Management.

Ooi had stated in his letter that I had said 'Look, I have thousands of students to look after not just your son alone. If you are not happy you can complain to the president of MMU for all I care'.

I would like to correct this because I remember very clearly the day he called me over the phone. He was very upset and rude and from the start of our telephone conversation demanded why I did not contact him to inform him about the changes.

In truth what I said was: 'I counseled thousands of people and it is quite impossible to remember all the people who came to me requesting for Financial Engineering course that is why I did not contact you'.

But he still went on rudely criticising my credibility and competency. At this point I knew that I would not be able to get through to him and responded by saying, 'If this is the case, you may contact my superior, the president'.

Once again, I would like to kindly inform him that I gave the correct information from the start and am still willing to assist his son. I have checked with the president of MMU and he could not recall receiving any communication from Ooi.

Therefore, I would appreciate it very much if his son could come forward and identify himself to us so that we could look into his situation immediately.

The writer is the Head, School Relations and Programme Promotion Unit, Multimedia University.

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