Rahmaniac Malaysia, entire country saddened by death of Nhaveen

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Rahmaniac Malaysia and the entire country is deeply saddened by the passing of a Penangite, a dearest brother, T Nhaveen, 18, who was a bully victim and was violently beaten up and sexually assaulted by a group of teenagers.

As the whole country is still in shock of the cruelty went through by Nhaveen, which ultimately lead to his death, we are all trying to understand how and why these gruesome acts are happening to our children and in our country.

Bullying is an intolerable act of cruelty and in most cases it is left without any permanent solution. It is a serious offence and can never be accepted, regardless of any age victims and whether or not it involves any casualties.

A bully case in schools, or in fact in any other places or situations, should not be taken lightly. Negligence is the main factor for any case of bullying. Any prior complaints from a bully victim, which is taken lightly, is in fact an act of negligence, be it by parents, teachers or even friends.

We, Rahmaniac Malaysia, as the official fan club of A R Rahman in Malaysia, are taking this matter very seriously. It is happening in our country and to our children.

Lately, there are many bully cases being reported in our country. These inhumane acts are on the rise and it is indeed a warning sign for all Malaysians to start realising what is happening in our society and to our children.

In Nhaveen's case, it is not just a national issue but it has gained the attention of the international media as well.

Moments before the passing of Nhaveen, our idol, A R Rahman, tweeted and prayed for his speedy recovery after knowing the boy's dream is to become a famous music composer, just like him.

A R Rahman also said to keep our prayers to put a stop to such inhumane acts from happening in the future. The tweet was later shared by 14.5 million followers of the Double Oscar Winner.

As the official fan club of A R Rahman in Malaysia, Rahmaniac Malaysia is pledging on the words of A R Rahman himself to be a helping hand in our society by trying to be an organisation that is keen on preventing these sorts of cruelties from happening again.

The whole country is seeking justice for Nhaveen as we are aware of the severity of this case.

We are putting our trust in the country's justice system and the court of law to impose maximum penalty for the assulters linked to the case. Their punishment should serve as a lesson to all the other imminent bullies out there.

We urge the law enforcement bodies, as well as the general public, to come up with a more higher form of awareness for bullying cases in the future.

Rahmaniac Malaysia would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt condolences to Nhaveen's family members and friends.

In this hardship, we are here with you as a family.

Last but not least, we quote the famous words from A R Rahman, "We Choose Love, Let's Spread Peace and Cultivate Humanity into our society."

You are in our prayers, Nhaveen.

RAZALI YUSOF is president of Rahmaniac Malaysia, the official Malaysian A R Rahman Fan Club.

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