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Sometime in the middle of 2014, the part of Jalan Genting Kelang immediately after Jalan Kolam Air and the MRR2 intersection until the traffic light intersection of Jalan Tumbuhan, spanning approximately two kilometres, was being widened from a four-lane to a six-lane road.

Those living in Taman Melawati need to use the road to go into the city daily, with the existing four-lane road being adequate, even during peak hour traffic.

The extensive road rebuilding included relaying new water pipes, reconstructing drainage tunnels, changing electrical cables, and installing new street lights. The whole reconstruction was a massive job that led to the digging of deep and wide trenches to accommodate the new infrastructure.

During the massive renovation, the road lanes reduced to one lane in each direction, resulting in traffic jams even light traffic.

The six-lane road was finished and fully operational in mid-2016, with an overhead bridge being installed once the road was paved.

To my horror, within just one week, barriers were set up along the road dividers taking up one lane on each side of the road. The plastic covers wrapping the street lights and overhead bridge were still in place when new barriers were set up.

As a frequent user of the road, it is shocking to witness the new road being dug up again, with brand new pipes, street lights, drains and parts of the sewerage system being systematically removed and discarded into waste disposal lorries.

There were tractors and bulldozers systematically digging up the new dividers, street lights, and the existing utilities, leaving deep and wide trenches again.

Why are new facilities which are barely a month old being dug up, removed and discarded? Why was there no proper planning and coordination carried out? What actually went wrong?

Now the road is reduced to barely one lane on some stretches, meaning that traffic jams are once again a common occurrence, especially during peak times. Not to mention the eyesore of the road barriers and the deep trenches lying idle, as all work has stopped until the new infrastructure has bene removed.

Since the new street lights were removed, the whole stretch is now dark and dangerous at night, as there are insufficient warning blinking lights installed – with many of those installed not even working.

The new infrastructure being torn down immediately after being operational is certainly a waste of taxpayers’ money. The authorities have to answer for this fiasco.

It is wished that the contractors and authorities responsible for the abandoned trenches be held accountable to cover up the deep holes as soon as possible, as there is water ponding whenever it rains, which spills onto the road leaving dirty water puddles.

The road dividers and street lights must be put back in place as it is a disaster waiting to happen. In the meantime, additional temporary lighting is needed during the night, more so during the rainy season.

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