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Five percent bumi housing discount - PM too?

I refer to the letter Have 6 or 60,000 benefitted from the AP scheme ? and APs bad, but race-based house pricing worse.

I feel the writers are expressing exactly what I feel. Many millions of other non-bumiputera Malaysians feel exactly like me when they decide to buy a house.

How can the government justify giving a five percent discount off for luxury houses which only the affluent can buy? In the context of the NEP, this discount for housing should only be given for low and medium low-cost houses; not across the board.

Am I to assume that our prime minister, his deputy and all the bumiputera cabinet ministers who benefitted from this discount rule not forgetting all those millionaire bumis who are corporate CEOs of listed corporations?

Are we, the non-bumis, rich and the poor alike, 'forced' to subsidise their housing discounts? How would they feel if they were in my shoes?

I appeal to our prime minister to please put some sense and meaning into the five percent housing discount for bumi house buyers under the NEP. Although we are not bumiputeras, we are Malaysians too. Please help us to feel we are Malaysians.

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