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Housing discounts - lets stop buying

The discussion about the bumiputera housing discount needs action and not more debate. The discount could be five percent, 10 percent or whatever. The numbers do not matter. The fact is the policy is racist.

It is racist because it gives an advantage to individuals based on their race and not because of their economic situation. That's why it is a racist policy. I have absolutely no problems to give discount to poor people.

Let's give 10 percent discount (only for their first home) to anyone who is earning RM2,000 or less. This applies to anyone (man or woman; any race; only Malaysian citizens). So in theory, a couple that buys their houses before they marry can actually own two houses at a 10 percent discount each.

Make it simple. Anyone who earns less than RM2,000 can get this 10 percent discount. The house price must be less than RM350,000 so that they, too, can stay in towns and not be relegated to urban ghettos.

The house and the loan must be in their name. After buying, they cannot sell it before five years. No other rules because policing complicated rules will not work and will only lead to corruption. With this, all low income people can buy at homes at discounts, which - if we are to believe official statistics - would include a great many bumiputeras.

I have no problem with paying a 'social tax' to the low income earners and hope they and their family will have a nice and happy home and that they will be my neighbours in Petaling Jaya. Welcome!

Okay. That is to solve the housing discounts issue. Now, if the government does not take up the proposal or a version of this proposal, we have then at least two choices.

Option 1 Don't vote for BN. Vote for BA. This will have to wait until next general election. Too long.

Option 2 - Don't buy houses that are being sold based on racist discounts. Why must you buy now? Rent first. Don't worry as the construction sector is already suffering due to the government cutting down mega-projects.

If we stop buying new houses for just six months, the BN government will feel the pain. What's so difficult in delaying your home purchase for six months? Sometimes the legal and banking documentation itself can take up to six months. So six months is nothing.

Spread the word. Stop buying houses. Use your economic power to stop this racist policy. There is nothing illegal. Just stop buying house for six months. Nobody will be homeless. It is because all of us queue up like fools at the developer's office, that they continue being racist.

Now, if you cannot vote for BA and cannot stop yourself from buying houses that are sold based on a racist policy, you then deserve to pay more. So stop complaining. If you agree, please pass this message on to your friends. Make it happen.

Let's see if Malaysians have got brains and are not just motor mouths when it comes to complaining.

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