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Dr M the weakest PM in Malaysian history

LETTER | Since Dr Mahathir Mohamad became the Pakatan Harapan chairperson, he has been denying his involvement in any of the wrongdoings during his tenure. The 92-year-old is finally revealing to the world that he is Malaysia’s weakest prime minister in history.

In a meet-and-greet session organized by Hindraf, Mahathir laid the entire blame on MIC’s longest-serving president for failing to uplift the Indian community. He admitted that during his tenure of 22 years, he failed to control the MIC leader. Mahathir’s statement echoes DAP’s Prof Ramasamy who also says Mahathir tried to assist the Indian community but failed due to Samy Vellu.

In less than a decade, when current prime minister Najib Abdul Razak realised that the socio-economic state of the Indian community was staggering, he took measures into his hands by forming several units under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Department and going to ground himself to address problems of the Indian community.

This is something Mahathir could never do over two decades in power. In this aspect, would Ramasamy admit that Najib is more dynamic, progressive, and effective compared to Mahathir? Would Ramasamy admit that he is backing a leader who had no control over his administration? Is this progression or regression for Harapan and Ramasamy?

What astounds me is Ramasamy keeps writing articles saying that Mahathir should not shy away from admitting to his failure in addressing the Indian community. Why can’t Ramasamy speak directly to Mahathir rather than beating around the bush with his articles? It is worthless being a keyboard warrior when in reality, one is an insignificant mouse.

It is also comical for Ramasamy to cite the Harapan manifesto as a document that contains initiatives that would benefit the Indian community because everything about the Indian community in the manifesto is a copy from the Malaysian Indian Blueprint.

If Samy (photo) apologises for his ‘possible’ wrongdoings and makes a comeback, would Ramasamy be his biggest campaigner? Since they are claiming at 92 years old, Mahathir is a changed man and intends to make amends for his errors. At the age of 82, Samy is relatively younger. If Mahathir can change, then we should give Samy the benefit of the doubt too, right, Ramasamy?

So, can we all agree that Samy is forgiven and given a role within Harapan to change the fortunes of the Indians?

In Mahathir’s memoir entitled “A Doctor In The House”, he dedicated a whole chapter on Anwar Ibrahim’s abnormal sexual craving. Mahathir wrote, “I may have made many mistakes, but removing Anwar was not one of them.” In 2015, Mahathir said that everyone should accept the Federal Court’s decision on Anwar’s appeal against sodomy, saying that the decision was right and perpetrators should be punished as per the law. Now, after just two years, he regrets his action.

With Mahathir’s numerous U-turns this year, bookstores should shift all Mahathir’s memoirs from the biography section to ‘fiction’. With so many mistakes made under Mahathir, which he readily admits, how sure are we of his second coming under Harapan?

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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