Dont let bad cops take over country

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I read the article A story of corruption and police abuse with a deep felt sense of sadness and anger.

A very unpleasant incident happened involving me with the police force some years ago.

It was at a road block presumably to detect drunk drivers. Because of my questioning the police choice of the road block location, which happened to be at a double line corner stretch, I was put through a terrible process of threats and inconvenience at a police station.

Four hours later, I was cleared and walked out of the police station and proceeded to another police station in town to lodge a police report. The policeman in attendance there asked if I really would like to make a big fuss out of a small "misunderstanding".

I told him I must do what I needed to do to make sure that the police force understands that their duty is to protect us by upholding law and order, and not arrogantly disrespecting our rights.

Further, what bad cops did affected the reputation of good cops, if there are any. I remember telling him that I could not tolerate "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi". There was no follow-up on my report by the investigation officer.

I subsequently compiled all the relevant documents, prepared a detailed account of what had happened and hand-delivered it to the office of the inspector-general of police at that time.

There was no follow-up for years but then came the Royal Police Commission. I was delighted and wrote to the commission with copies of my previous letter to the IGP.

I am still not giving up hope to putting things right, simply because I know that this is my country and we must not let irresponsible and corrupted cops continue to harass and threaten us. We must not give up the ownership of our beloved country to these irresponsible and corrupted elements.

At the end of the day, they are the ones who should feel ashamed and we must not allow negative incidents such as those experienced by A Better Malaysian and me affect our hope for the future of this country. Remember, we the taxpayers are the ones who provide them with the uniform.

I truly wish that A Better Malaysia, a fellow victim, can get over the hurt and I would like to thank him for writing his/her article. I believe with more awareness from the public at large, the situation can and must improve.

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