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First it was the Indians, now the Chinese

It is now public knowledge that Home Affairs Minister Azmi Khalid was ordered by Malaysian Premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to visit China to explain that Malaysian enforcement agencies were not targeting Chinese women.

And the reason was valid, more so with the decrease in tourists' arrivals from China which some claim was a deliberate boycott of Malaysia.

And the reported cause of it all? The alleged incidents of Chinese women nationals being stripped while under detention, their money stolen and enforcement officers peeping at them.

This latest incident of abuse of a female detainee is yet another shameful incident that needs Azmi's attention.

In an environment where questions have been raised on deaths while in police custody, allegations of abuse, assault and corruption, the latest incident raises many a disturbing question. It calls for nothing short of the immediate sacking of police individuals who took an oath to protect and uphold the law.

Personally, I know that Azmi will not tolerate such indiscretions by any quarter and he would initiate the right course of action to protect the majority of dedicated and sincere police officers by exposing the corrupt and the unworthy within.

But one thing is certain, we have not learnt lessons from the last time when Indian nationals who were IT professionals were detained and allegedly abused.