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Our next PM - PD voters will vote on behalf of us

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LETTER | To be frank, I voted for Pakatan Harapan in the recent GE14, despite not knowing who my candidate was because I wanted to see major changes at the national level under a brand new government.

But seeing Anwar Ibrahim standing on the same stage with his former boss was not on my wish list. The "shaking hands scene" between the two political rivals that happened in the courtroom hadn't actually made my day.

Instead, I am very curious. Will Anwar's visions be realigned with Dr Mahathir Mohamad's plans in this New Malaysia? Anwar is my political idol. I believe he is still admired by certain groups of Malaysians, especially those who knew him since he was the second man in Malaysian politics during the good old days.

Despite his absence in the previous episodes of local political dramas that led to the dramatic victory of the freshly-formed political coalition of Harapan, he, until now, is surviving.

Now, local politics is different. It changes as time flies. To me, politics is life. You need support to breath longer in this career. And the support should be qualified with the people's wish.

And in politics, this is either votes on ballot papers or "national admiration" garnered from people around the country including from those who know nothing about politics. If you own neither, your political career has no meaning but is a "limbless walk."

In Anwar's scenario, he might have this wish. When I say "might", there's an uncertainty that circles the situation. Even in life, we also face uncertainties. We plan and intend in silence, but in the end, God has His script set for us. Especially in politics, we can predict what will happen next, but we have no powers to direct it as we wish.

One thing I salute the human named Anwar Ibrahim is that he has no "I give up!" in his dictionary of life. He had been viciously crippled by his political enemies, but he wakes up and breaths as usual. If Anwar's political life can be illustrated as a full marathon, he is the runner with his own pace. He keeps on running despite the injuries he hides. And he runs as people applaud.

It is the applause that makes Anwar alive. Like I said, politics is life. Politicians can't move without applause. And applause is the sign of the people's support. Logically and psychologically, experienced politicians like Anwar won't decide to return to politics if he senses no "clapping hands" that would welcome his arrival.

People can say whatever they want, but once a decision is made, things must go on even it's unhappily corroborated by people who hold the "same flag." So Anwar sticks to his desire to be back in Parliament, regardless of what "they" say.

Besides Langkawi, Port Dickson is a well-known tourist spot. Historically, the constituency has not been politically led by a prominent MP. The mysterious question of where Anwar is to contest is now answered. In politics, a politician can be wherever he wants to be as long as he is confident. Anwar, although not synonymous with Negeri Sembilan, has chosen to be there to represent people of Port Dickson.

Anwar must win if he is serious about making his return to the house of representatives. Like how serious the just-resigned MP was in offering him the seat.

Opposition leaders now can't sleep thinking of the best possible moves they may take in the biggest by-election of the decade. It is up to them to pick anyone who “perfectly” suits to stand against the 1983 minister of youths and sports.

Will the opposition let Anwar win unopposed like he won PKR presidency? Maybe not.

The by-election to be held in Port Dickson is not an ordinary by-election that people can treat recklessly. The by-election will feature the "as promised prime minister" and voters of Port Dickson have to decide whether Anwar can be their, and our, "rightest” choice for the next five years.

Can Anwar effectively work for PD and its people? Will he outshine Tok Mat in Negeri? PD's voters will represent the Malaysian voice. They will cast votes on behalf of Malaysians. The whole country will have their eyes focused on this by-election as it could be a "page-turner" of a book that pens Anwar Ibrahim's voyage in becoming our eighth prime minister.

Will a human named Anwar Ibrahim be warmly welcomed in today's politics? The answer is yours.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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