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M Moorthy has died. His family is now informed that he is a Muslim . Why was his conversion withheld from the family? All explanations would be invalid if the authorities have been transparent in such matters. Such issues would have been settled while the individual was alive. Every man has to take responsibility for his actions and on matters of faith.

To have kept this secret and to have now informed the widow is at best cowardice. This is also not in keeping with the spirit of the Islamic faith. All conversions must be communicated to all close relatives involved especially those who would be directly involved. This must be made mandatory. Otherwise our courts would have to deal with domestic issues arising from a lack of transparency and accountability. What is the point of asserting rights when the man has already died.

I am saddened by this event as it brings pain and creates unnecessary conflicts relating to sensitive issues. The army has a duty and an obligation to inform the wife and the family that he has converted. He should have gone by his new name. All his details should bear this reality. By not doing so, this is now causing untold suffering and pain to the wife and children.

Alternatively, to assert the rights of a man after he has died and not to have respected the rights of his wife and children is at best paradoxical and an irony. I hope we will find a fair and just solution, and the interest of the wife, children and the living relatives should take pre-eminence.

The issue is not religion but reality. God justice is above what we perceive and I pray that this matter would be resolved in a sensitive manner.

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