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Penang outer ring road project going wrong way

I refer to the article The PORR-blems with toll concessions .

The Penang government has no say in the selection of the main contractor for this project. It is Umno's choice as this company is an company by proxy.

I thought the initial cost for this project was given at RM1.1 billion ringgit. Now it has ballooned to RM2 billion in just one year, meaning the inflation rate for our country is running at 100 percent!

And by the way, has Metro Works any experience in managing a project of this size? Is it a RM2 company formed just to make a quick buck, a get-rich quick scheme?

I thought our PM's war cry when he won the election was that he will come down hard on corruption. So how can a RM2 company undertake to do business with a project of this size?

On top of that, this Metro Works will be getting a soft loan from the government! In other words, Metro Works need not have to come out with any capital. Corruption is alive and well and practised openly and with the full support of the government.

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