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I am quite amused on why, when the nation is facing so many challenges, many politicians are still so worried and devote so much attention towards Anwar Ibrahim.

If Anwar is indeed a spent force, why worry about him coming back to politics. Surely there is nothing to fear is there? In any case, surely it is Umno members who should decide who comes back or not into the party. It is not a decision to be made by a single person or a group of people.

Maybe it is even better to invite Anwar back into Umno and let him stand for party elections. Then we can perish once and all the notion of his wide influence. Maybe the reason everyone is still harping on him is that they are indeed worried about his influence?

My mum used to say the sun need not worry about the dog barking as it will not hurt the sun. If Anwar is finished, why still talk about him?

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